It’s over. I’m done. I made it! So many times I felt that this day wouldn’t come. But it did. Now, I’m officially Dr. Dissenting Scholar. YES!!



  1. Anon

    Many congratulations, Dr. Dissenting Scholar! So pleased to hear your news. Try to bask and revel in the glory of finally being *done* (and never having to do something like this ever again). Well done!

  2. S

    Congratulations….there’s tons of us out here cheering for you! Celebrate, have a good time, stay pro-active in your new found liberation (will lead to positivity) and when life gives you its inevitable lemons–make lemonade and don’t “project” them as collateral to “not being in academia.” This is one lesson that has served me well.

  3. Anonymous

    There are other reasons why (if you are female) you will not get a job in academia (in a physical science). It was explained to me carefully that I am not young, I am not pretty, and I don’t kick out my heels. This in 2007. I was pretty browned off with my department in any case – at least three concepts critical to my work and commonly accepted in the literature were absolutely verboten to my committee. I had a number of years of experience in industry before I tackled my fudd and to quote Egon “They expect results.” I went back into industry and I do wonder, as good showmen as my committee members are, are they really scientists? And yes, they have instilled into me shame and self-loathing because although they gave me the fudd they made me feel like I really don’t measure up.

  4. Anonymous

    Congratulations Dr. Dissenting. I have enjoyed reading your blog, especially since I went through the same soul searching not so long ago, when I decided to get out of the PhD realm and move on. A toast to your having jumped the hoop and to your next chapter in life.

  5. Dr. Fifth Columnist

    Congratulations on the finished product! I, too, just reached this stage — after two years of struggling with my decision to stay in academia, I finally hit the finish line, and I felt… nothing. My degree had already become unreal to me, although I stuck it out out of Germanic stubornness; I now find myself having slid into a parallel universe of academic labor that is, at least, well remunerated, but I, too, am starting to broaden my search well past the ivied walls of academia, and I’m piecing it together. Thanks for sharing your experience: it reverberates with me, and, I imagine, a lot of people.

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